Santei Extra Brut
Santei extra brut sparkling wine is produced in classical way (Champagne method or méthode classique). It is a cuvée made from our chardonnay and pinot white organic grapes.
Malvazija Santei is an orange wine, characterised by full body and prolonged freshness. The scent of dry apricots is continuing into fresh citrus and spicy aromas. Pure pleasure.
Zelen is an autochthonous grape variety, that grows only in Vipava valley. Its gentle flowery and fruity aromas are complemented by lavender and rosemary aromas. The fullness of flavors is an evidence of the rich extract content that slowly releases beautifully balanced combination of sweet-sour flavors in the mouth. Zelen is best as fresh white wine and makes your summer days nicer.
Sauvignon Santei is a charismatic orange wine. Its intense fragrance reminds of dried grass and tropical fruits and is complemented by the soft aroma of mature melons. It gives a smooth, fresh taste on the palate. It is full-bodied.
Merlot Santei is matured in traditionally produced wooden barrels made from Slovenian oak. It is soft, ripe and elegant wine with strong red fruit aroma and long after-taste. Enjoy it with your favourite meat dish.